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We at AIM India believes in Dynamic Culture and it is our goal to help the Individual in dealing with the dynamism of environment whether it is related to their wealth or expansion of business. Aim India Group is the leading Advisory in India and Abroad. We at AIM India provide Training / Development programs in India and Abroad .We are having a team of exclusive Corporate trainers .Our Principle is to deliver high rate of returns to our clients through our network of government sector banks in India.

Keeping in mind the most critical needs in today's context, we came up with wealth Advisory firm to provide a customer expertise advice to achieve financial Independence.



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We provide domestic & international level internship. We have a team of experienced educational and training professionals who can provide services/solutions for clients. Exposure to interns in mixed specialization i.e. HR and Marketing which will result in the implication of their theoretical knowledge into corporate world.

Wealth Advisory

We are having experts who are helping individuals in managing their wealth. These experts are also providing consultancy services regarding financial and investment sector to individuals so that they can secure the financial future for themselves and their family.


We will help you in maintaining books to give you strategic insight of the financial position of your company.


Helping customers providing professional or expert advice in wealth maximisation, carrier planning etc. and we also guide them in taking crucial decisions.

Training & Development

AIM India Training specialists includes professionals in Marketing, HR and Finance. They will help employees and interns in learning values which are needed in the corporate world to enhance propositions which will help them in making their career.


Tax Management is required in every organisation but due to its strenuous process, it can be difficult to manage at higher levels. Our Professionals are flexible in their approach and provide services according to the needs of clients.

International Expansion

With the help of our business partners , we are helping Individuals in expanding their business at International level. Our Professionals are helping our clients to settle them abroad.


Our objective is to fulfill professional commitments and value-added services in terms of recruitment of quality manpower. We have been providing our recruitment services to the known names in all sectors


Life insurance is an act of love. Let's talk about protecting what matters the most.

Our motto is to provide coverage at affordable premiums, our underwriters will provide you required coverage efficiently & effectively.

Retirement Planning

The only person who will take care of the older you someday is the younger you today.

It's never too early to begin planning for retirement. You think of it & we will plan it for you.

Mutual Funds

Never depend on single income. Make investments to create a second source. Mutual funds have historically offered safety & diversification & they spare you from the responsibility of picking the individual stocks.

Our Corporate Associates

AIM Group is ready to help you moving towards Financial Independence

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