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Aim India offers expertise advice in wealth Management/Internship

Internship Services

We provide domestic & international level internship. AIM India have a team of experienced educational and training professionals who can provide training solutions for clients to ensure that RPAS operations are effectively and seamlessly integrated into their existing business systems. Our training specialists include technical training specialists, formed high school teachers, university lectures and regulatory training specialists. We have developed training manuals, conducted training needs analysis, provided in-house training and produced online and e-training resources.

Compliance Services

Our Compliance experts have the complete knowledge of the corporate compliance needs across jurisdictions in the territory. Non-Compliance can result in fines and imprisonment if one has no updates regarding important information. The compliance horizon in the Asian jurisdictions is highly dynamic as most of the economies are on verge of transition. AIM India will be a valuable partner for the companies having intra-regional operations offering them compliance services/solutions for all of their Regional Subsidiaries. We will leave you to concentrate on your core activities as we will be providing you the following services:

  • Company Constitution
  • Meetings & Company Officers
  • Maintaining Statutory Books & Registers
  • Annual Filings with The Company Registrar
  • Statutory Reporting

Accounting Services

As the companies expand their business, accounting transactions gets bulky and complex and accounting converts into a strategic function from primary function. At AIM India, we will provide you customized accounting solutions as our accounting experts possess regional exposure and extensive technical knowledge. Trusting a regional expert with accounting is elementary to achieve control and transparency in accounting through standardization of agenda. We have a leading edge of experienced professionals and IT System to render smooth, co-related and comprehensive reinforcement regionally. We are dynamic towards systems and solutions to stay relevant to the changes in the region. Our proficiency will empower the enterprises to expand by beholding the measured decisions. Our Accounting Services are:

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Statutory Reporting
  • Payroll and Expense Claim Management Services
  • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Corporate Tax Compliance

Taxation Services

Tax arrangement is dynamic and complex as it changes with the change of authority. Its complexity increases in the nation where there is tax at every level. Companies having cross border transactions need effective planning to minimize tax costs. Tax liabilities can be optimized by making effective structuring of business entities and revenue models. A new enterprise will need a guidance to learn about the tax incentives, withholding tax and transfer pricing formalities which is provided by the Tax professionals of AIM India Group. Our Professionals are well possessed with the analytical understanding of taxation which will help the client in managing the Taxation regime of his business. Our main services are:

  • Corporate Income Tax Returns
  • Vat Returns
  • Indirect Tax
  • Withholding Tax
  • Tax Optimizations
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Tax Advisory in M&A, Cross Border Investment, Tax Disputes etc.

Training & Development Services

Effective training and development begins with the overall strategy and objectives of the small business. The entire training process should be planned in advance with specific company goals in mind. AIM India helps in developing a training strategy, which will be helpful to assess the company's customers and competitors, strengths and weaknesses, and any relevant industry or societal trends. The next step is to use this information to identify where training is needed by the organization as a whole or by individual employees. It will help in conducting an internal audit to find general areas that might benefit from training, or to complete a skills inventory to determine the types of skills employees possess and the types they may need in the future. Each job within the company should be delegated on a task-by- task basis in order to help determine the content of the training program.

Recruitment Services

Customized strategies are developed from a deep understanding and observation of organization's culture and its business objectives. Expansion in new markets or recruitment for that market can only be done after having the full-fledged knowledge of recruitment, remuneration and retention strategies besides the understanding of regional work culture. At AIM India, you will find a network of efficient regional consultants who will provide you the pathway towards seamless recruitment services starting from identifying your potential clients to handling the immigration process, if required. Our experts have the complete knowledge to provide valuable advisory in the following matters:

  • Candidate Search
  • Profiling
  • Interview Coordination
  • Employment Contract
  • Immigration
  • Advisory Service

Consulting Services

Asia is gaining importance as global economic engine and with the introduction of the concept of International Business, every business in every country is trying to get connected with each other despite of the regional differences. AIM India have a group of consultants which provides due diligence to the different businesses regarding their critical business decisions such as M & A, Investment and expansion into the new areas, etc. and we also help in identifying the new and effective sources of advantages while avoiding risk. We mainly provide the following services:

  • Corporate Development & Finance
  • Investment
  • People & Management
  • New Market/Partner/Vendor Evaluation
  • Operations
  • Technology
  • Grant Assistance (for Indian & Foreign companies)

Insurance Services

Different types of business have different types of risks. For adequate coverage, regionally settled businesses need a thorough understanding of their market so that they can identify the potential risk involved. Natural disasters, political uncertainties, epidemics, terror threats, technological threats are adding to the risks posed by economic instability and competition. AIM India have the group of insurers who provide the comprehensive coverage and detailed risk assessment to identify the gap. Our insurers will also advise you about the minimization of expenses on risk premium by providing the services to reduce claims and they will help you in gaining the understanding of uninsured risks so that you can avoid them. Our main services in this sector are:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Coverage
  • Risk Management
  • Corporate Insurance - Property, Pecuniary, Liability and Group
  • Political Risk
  • Professional Insurance
  • Financial Risk
  • Trade and Credit Risk

Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a professionally-managed investment scheme, usually run by an asset management company that brings together a group of people and invests their money in stocks, bonds and other securities. As an investor, you can buy mutual fund 'units', which basically represent your share of holdings in a particular scheme. These units can be purchased or redeemed as needed at the fund's current net asset value (NAV). These NAVs keep fluctuating, according to the fund's holdings. So, each investor participates proportionally in the gain or loss of the fund.

All the mutual funds are registered with SEBI. They function within the provisions of strict regulation created to protect the interests of the investor. The biggest advantage of investing through a mutual fund is that it gives small investors access to professionally-managed, diversified portfolios of equities, bonds and other securities, which would be quite difficult to create with a small amount of capital. AIM India will provide you all the updates and services regarding mutual funds so that you can choose from the best available option.

Retirement Planning

There are two components to retirement income planning: Personal Planning and Financial Planning. Personal planning is important because it is the determining factor of your satisfaction with your retirement lifestyle. Financial planning is crucial because it identifies your sources of income and expenses and establishes your retirement budget, based on your personal plan.

Personal Planning All too often people entering retirement do not place enough emphasis on personal planning to ensure they maximize their opportunities. So, AIM India helps you at an early stage in your planning process and gives you time to think about the choices you have, about how you would like to spend your time during retirement.

Financial Planning Will you have adequate funds to provide the kind of retirement lifestyle you envision? AIM India provides all the answer to the questions you are having and help you in recalling that your income will likely come from three general sources: government pensions, employment-related sources and your own personal investments.

Intenational Expansion Services

Overseas market provides the opportunity to expand in the markets worldwide and also helps in identifying the opportunities related to new sources of revenue, access to new talent, diversified risk and competitive parity. It is well known that internationalisation is a complex process. At AIM India group, we have the specialists who can provide the country level compliance services, accounting and taxation services, payroll and corporal secretarial services. We are meant to take your company abroad for the expansion. We will help you in expanding your business in Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai for a start.

Wealth Advisory Services

Wealth management as an investment-advisory discipline which incorporates financial planning, investment portfolio management and a number of aggregated financial services. High-net- worth individuals (HNWIs), small-business owners and families who desire the assistance of a credentialed financial advisory specialist call upon wealth managers to coordinate retail banking, estate planning, legal resources, tax professionals and investment management. At AIM India Group, we have the wealth managers who have backgrounds as independent Chartered Financial Consultants, Certified Financial Planners, Chartered Strategic Wealth Professionals, Chartered Financial Planners or any credentialed (such as MBA) professional money managers who will help you to enhance the income, growth and tax-favoured treatment for long term.

Private wealth management is delivered to high-net- worth investors. We will also guide you on the use of various estate planning vehicles, business-succession or stock-option planning, and the occasional use of hedging derivatives for large blocks of stock.